The idyllic scene at Coconut Cottage would take your breath away. Come and enjoy the scenic beauty and quietude of the places we take you to. The wise traveler travels only in imagination! Not if he happened to visit our picnic spots. He would have probably not imagined anything like this even in his wildest of dreams!

  • Dapoli Road
  • Love for Nature.
  • Coastal Cuisine.
  • 6 Air Conditioned Rooms.
  • Free WiFi.
  • Swimming Pool.


A walk in solitude merging with nature is what you need to relax! Constantly working in the computer screen, your eyes have forgotten to note the glory of the sunrise or sunset. Even though you may be awake, you would still not see the beauty of nature what with constant work pressures, deadlines to be met and the constant travel. Come to Coconut Cottage where the creation and creator merge!

Take a stroll down the stream and just soak in the nature…or taste our divine cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. Simply doze off while reading by the pool side…just let go!


Featured Destinations


Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurg Forts

Kanakdurga is the land fort and Suvarnadurga is the sea fort. These were built around 17th Century. Suvarnadurga access is by local fishermen boat.


Karde Beach

Karde beach is an idyllic beach front in Murud harnai area around which many hotels are located.


Harnai Beach

Murud Harnai is an idyllic beachfront at 17 kms from Dapoli, offering watersports & boat rides in the Arabian sea. Dolphins are spotted during Winters(Oct - March).


Panhalekaji Caves

Set of 29 caves situated deep in a valley near the confluence of the 'Kotjai' and 'Dhakti' rivers. The area is excellent for bird watching and those doing research on reptiles.


Shree Keshavraj

Shree Keshavraj is visited for its perennial stream. Takes 15 minute trek through coconut, betel nut, mango and cashew.


Do not let procrastination spoil your vacation. Move fast and make a booking for your dream vacation at the Cottage. Grab the opportunity while it is there. We know from experience that if you make a trip to our cottage once, it becomes a kind of habit which is very difficult to give up.

There are many who would vouch for what we say! Also be informed, there are many in the list who make repeated stays only in the cottage without taking a even a cursory look at our other rooms. That is the lure of  Coconut Cottage! Beware of your self control!

  • 6 AC Bedrooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Rain Dance
  • Free WiFi
  • Hot Water
  • Backup Power System
  • Coastal Cuisine
  • BBQ/Tandoor on request
  • Safe Locker on request
  • Lawn
  • Private Party Place
  • Dolphin Show Site visit


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